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Mr. Ononi is project of Krzysztof Burnatowski from Sanok, Poland.
His favourite thing to do is creating his reality and space,
first of all musical, but also visual - inspired by psychedelic culture,
he produces his minimalistic, spacious backdrops.
But Mr. Ononi is sounds mostly.
Sounds unruly for those, who like easy tone.
They are painted by creative monotony,
they scream, they howl, they grind,
they tramp, they run, they stop and suddenly fly away.
This music talks about sadness and absence of mind
which is in next moment question about what is next?
External reality processed threw mind and feelings is inspiration of every moment.
In older tracks the most important is melancholy,
in new ones you can hear searching in ingredients of the world,
in all colors, even if main one is black.
Real object is source of new experiences. It is strife.
Ononi search monotony, silence, peace of mind and constancy,
though that these sounds shows restlessness, constant element of creation.

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